Why Spikey Profile

At Spikey Profile, it’s our aim to make the complex beautifully simple. We work hard to make it a positive pleasure to work with us. We’re friendly yet highly professional, dedicated to working with you in a spirit of partnership that suits the way you run your business.

Ten good reasons why you should choose Spikey Profile:

01 We are expert

Essex Business School – Denise Sheerer – Business & Management Training Centre Manager

“Camille has worked with the Business and Management Training Centre for a numbers of years delivering a variety of high quality training sessions to individuals, businesses and organisations in the region.  She is an excellent trainer bringing professionalism, extensive knowledge of her subject area, energy and enthusiasm to every session.  I wholeheartedly recommend Camille to any organisation.”

02 We are experienced

Ford Retail – Jon Harte – Parts Director

“Before AMA I believed I was ok as a manager even though I didn’t have any qualifications.  What I didn’t realise I didn’t know where I was, AMA has allowed me to benchmark myself against the good the bad and the ugly, the way the assessment was done was challenging, testing, fun and enjoyable and it made me take a deeper look at myself.  I learnt on the day and I was able to brush up on my skills.  Since the assessment I am more capable of doing the job I am meant to do.”

03 We get results

Benfield Motor Group – Colin Pybus – Dealer Principal

“My initial thoughts were that the assessment was going to be a tick box exercise.  Once I met Jane I quickly discovered that this was defiantly not the case. I felt the assessment and feedback have helped me understand areas of improvement within my business, Jane has also been instrumental in sharing ‘ Best Practice ‘ on some key issues which have increased profitability.”

04 We are innovators

IVECO – Mike King – Network/Commercial Training Manager 

“Now that we have come to the finish of the progamme of assessing Dealer Sales Managers … I thought perhaps I should write and say thank you for your support in developing  bespoke products to meet Iveco requirements. I was particularly impressed with the flexibility shown.  May I thank you personally for being involved in the matter of personal development plans for the Managers and for presenting your findings.

I look forward to working with you and the team once more.”

05 We put you first

Charles Hurst (Lookers PLC ) Bentley/Ferrari/Maserati – Kevin Rogan – Aftersales Manager

“I was nervous in the days leading up to the assessment and had worried about what I may have let myself in for!  Your professionalism when conducting the assessment put me at ease and help give me confidence during the assessment process.

The truth is it gave me a better understanding of how I do my job and where I need to improve. It has given me a lot more confidence and made me more aware of how I manage myself in my management position.  It was without doubt the best thing I have done as a manager.”

06 We make it simple and straightforward

Piccadilly Motors Ltd  – Jason Lovell - Dealer Principal  

“In my opinion the Automotive Management Accreditation is by far the best way to test your ability in a Management Role. Every element has been carefully thought out and the feedback I received from my Assessor was extremely valuable. It’s been a long time coming but it’s been worth the wait. Just what the Industry needed in order to increase its profile going forward through difficult times.”

07 We raise the bar

Lex Autolease – George Reid - Head of Technical Services 

“The assessment itself made me re-look at my management skills in detail how I manage my team -  people management is very important to the success of any company.   Managers are like sports people who train every day to be fit in their sport to compete.  The AMA is a programme that will help us to be fit managers.”

08 We collaborate

Electoral Commission – Natalie Sayer – Learning & Development Manager

“Camille ensures real learning takes place through a sensitive yet challenging approach. She is very good at understanding our requirements and tailoring the training appropriately, but more importantly, adapting the training to situations as they arise. Feedback from delegates:

  • I learnt a lot about myself and my management style
  • This is probably one of the most useful and informative courses I have attended and Camille is an excellent trainer
  • Very knowledgeable trainer and topics delivered with authority, interest and enthusiasm. Made us feel like we can do/achieve what we want
  • I felt I was constantly learning new and important skills that I could immediately apply in the workplace.”
09 We are specialist

The National Gallery – Jane Malone – Training & Development Manager  

“Camille Nickson has worked with the National Gallery since 2005 on the design and delivery of core skills and management training in support of the Gallery’s corporate learning and development programme.  Camille is knowledgeable and perceptive and brings a wealth of leadership and management development experience.  She has worked with staff across different management levels and areas of expertise, facilitating training sessions which are engaging, informative and sensitive to individual and organisational needs.” 

10 We’re positive to work with

Ford Retail – Jeremy Smiddy - Learning & Development Manager

“Camille Nickson & Jane Norbron of Spikey Profile were engaged by us to carry out a number of AMA assessments with some of our key stakeholders. The assessments subsequently carried out proved the competency framework and the assessment processes were extremely robust. Managers involved with Camille & Jane were hugely complimentary of their services as they went on to secure their accreditations.”